Mortgage Review - End of deal


We have found that clients can save thousands of pounds by having regular reviews of their current mortgage when the deal is out of redemption period.


Even 3 to 4 months over and onto to the lenders variable rate could be costly.

It could be as simple as renegotiating a new deal with the current lender although some lenders will not give advice on what product you should change to.

We give full advice and recommendation on products

Or your circumstances may have changed and you may not be eligible for a new deal from the lender at that time.

We can advise on your new requirements

That’s why when we arrange your mortgage not only do you get the best mortgage available from our panel but also with your express permission we track your mortgage deal so that when it is coming to the end of your current rate we will contact you to discuss you current status to let you know what new deals are on offer both from your current lender but also if you could save money by switching to a better deal else were.


So in the long term our services can save you money

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