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Mortgage declined? low credit score, bad credit,

we may be able to help

Many  lenders will look at a missed mortgage payment, historic ccjs.

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Have you applied for a mortgage to purchase your home or remortgage your home and been turned down?

There are many reasons you may be refused a mortgage but how do you work out a way forward?  You may have been with you bank for many years, you arrange time off work,  make an appointment, spend an hour or two being asked questions only to be told at the end of the meeting that you are not suitable for a mortgage with your bank.  What may happen next?

You may then turn to an internet online mortgage broker complete all the forms, click the submit button and again be refused a mortgage.

In most cases with both these approaches it will not explain why you have been refused finance,  you may only be left with a footprint on your credit file that could reduce your credit rating further without finding out what the reason for refusal was.

We live in an age of technology and for somethings this works very well, mortgage applications however can fall fowl of these systems. 

Every lender has different lending criteria so it could be your credit rating is just not reaching the target or it could be to do with your income /outgoings, the type of property you are buying, your age and term of mortgage,  it could be the fact that you just don't fit the criteria with that lender but may be successful with another.

That’s why speaking to a mortgage broker with experience who knows which lender to approach the first time based on your circumstances puts you in a better position to obtain a mortgage.

You could, before you approach a lender obtain  your  credit file and have a look over to establish if the file contains any errors, check you are on the voters roll,  find out your credit score, check if all your accounts are up to date, this will give you a good indication of your financial standing.


Some agencies you may consider should you wish  to check your credit profile are:.

Ashleigh mortgages have no association with these companies, when you click to enter their website you leave our regulated site.

Here at Ashleigh Mortgages we help many clients who have been turned down by high street banks or building societies. In most cases it does not mean you will incur extremely high interest rates, it could be that you are not choosing the correct lender for your personal circumstances.  This is where we can help,  if you find others closing the door on your dreams give us a call and we will let you know how we may be able to help you.

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